When is iPhone 13 coming out: price, specifications, all information



Rumours about the release date of iPhone 13, its features and, of course, the price of the device are
actively circulating on the internet. We have studied the information available on the web and
collected all the information about what the iPhone 13 will be in 2021.

iPhone 13: release date
As a rule, Apple releases new generations of devices in the fall. And this time, the company does not
betray its traditions. The launch date for the new iPhone 13 lineup is already known – it will take
place on September 14, 2021.

Since Apple has abandoned the S variant in both models of the last two generations, the company
will also present the main product under the name iPhone 13. Variants such as iPhone 13, iPhone 13
mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are likely to come out. There may also be an iPhone SE 3.

iPhone 13: design.
So far, of course, little information is available, and official photos of the iPhone 13 have yet to
appear on the web (only renders). But there are some things we've already figured out.

Apple's latest devices resemble each other, except for the colour – in this respect, something new
appears each time. While in the past you could only choose among silver, pink and black models, in
recent years Apple has also included other colours in the palette – such as green and gold. It was
recently revealed that the colours of the iPhone 13 will include a new lilac variant and a slightly
terracotta instead of gold. The corresponding photo was posted on his page by Indian insider Waqar

iPhone 13: specifications
It's too early to prepare a review of the iPhone 13, but something about its specs is already obvious.

Cameras. The rumour of four sensors hasn't been confirmed, so the flagship will still have three
cameras – but they may be positioned slightly differently. Judging by the first photo renders, the
device will be even thicker, and the cameras will protrude more strongly from the body. Technical
details about the sensors are not yet known, but they will definitely be refined: this applies to night
photography, especially night sky photography and portrait videos.

The display is likely to be LTPO. This is a more energy-efficient technology than that used in
traditional OLED models. The new screens will also support dynamic refresh rates of 10 to 120 Hertz.

Platform. iPhone 13 will be equipped with a new generation of processors under serial number 15.
These are expected to be more powerful and power efficient than the 14 Bionic version of the iPhone
12. The new models will get 5G and 6GHz Wi-Fi support.

Izmir, Turkey – November 29, 2020: Top view of apple brand products on a wooden background. Macbook pro, Iphone 8, airpods pro, apple watch 5 and a cup of coffee.

Memory. For the first time, there will be a 1TB version. There will also remain 128GB, 256GB and
512GB variants.

The iPhone 13 battery is likely to be bigger. The Pro Max variant will increase the battery capacity by
more than 15 per cent. This will surely make the model's body thicker, but it's not yet clear how this
will affect battery life. In addition, Apple will again do away with the power supply in the box.
Moreover, the company may remove the Lightning cable from the package as well. In this way, the
manufacturer is becoming more eco-friendly – at least that's what customers are told.

Security. TouchID may return, as FaceID has proved more difficult to work with because of the masks.
However, this is certainly not certain and has not yet been officially confirmed.

How much does the iPhone 13 cost
New iPhone ranges have never been affordable – and the more storage in a model, the more
expensive it costs. So the prices of the iPhone 13 will certainly not be lower than the last version.
They'll probably range from 70,000 roubles for the most basic variant to 140,000 roubles for the top-
end one. That was the case, at least with the iPhone 12.

Incidentally, according to a Sell Cell survey, the unlucky number 13 will scare and deter just 18 per
cent of those surveyed from buying one.

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