The immature Apple. Why iPhone 13 and iOS 15 upset users



Apple began rolling out iOS 15 and selling the iPhone 13 line of smartphones at the end of
September, after which many owners of old and new devices encountered a slew of problems,
including dysfunctional features, bugs, "broken" cameras and poor build quality. Discontent is
growing online among fans of the Apple company. "Gazeta.Ru" has collected all the currently
available problems related to the new iPhones, as well as the current version of iOS.
Not quite touch screen
On the social network Twitter and on the Reddit forum, many users who have updated their
smartphones to iOS 15 complain that they have started to encounter a lack of any reaction of the
display to touches. As it turns out, the problem is solved by turning the screen back on. Many are not
happy with this solution – among those affected are mostly owners of the brand new iPhone 13, who
are upset with their purchase.

Judging by the number of reports, the problem is widespread. Some users write that they encounter
it in 7 out of 10 cases of unlocking, while others also note the increased heating of the device.

AirPods Pro
Some other Apple users who have upgraded to iOS 15 have noted that they've encountered an
inability to control AirPods Pro's voice modes – including being unable to turn noise cancellation on
or off via voice prompt to Siri, who responds by saying "can't do it." Users are only left with manual
switching, which isn't always convenient if a person has dirty hands or is wearing gloves, for example.
MacRumors notes that Apple has already fixed the bug in the beta version of iOS 15.1, but it won't be
released for a few weeks.

Fake 120Hz
The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max feature displays that support adaptive refresh rates of up
to 120Hz. In iOS 15, ProMotion mode is supported in all apps. However, 9to5Mac reports that many
animations are still limited to 60Hz. Apple has since confirmed that developers need to allow their
apps to support 120Hz. Future firmware updates will fix the bug that prevents the frequency from
being set above 60Hz so that all apps can run more smoothly.

Lack of choice
First-time buyers of the iPhone 13 Pro have encountered an automatic switch from the main camera
to the ultra-wide-angle camera when shooting in macro mode. The automatic module change in the
Camera app only happens when you take a close photo and video of a subject, but for video mode
there's a "Lock Camera" option in the settings, while there's no such feature for photo mode. Apple
has drawn attention to users' dissatisfaction and explained that this is "not a bug, but a feature", but
also said that it will implement the necessary setting in future iOS updates.

Camera and artifacts
In addition, some iPhone 13 owners found that artifacts were appearing in the final photos, which
are not displayed at the time of shooting. Only after the photo is saved can randomly generated
squares of different sizes be detected. In addition, some users have reported problems with colour
depth in photos taken with the iPhone 13. Although the problem is quite widespread, Apple has said
that no one has contacted customer support regarding "broken" photos taken with their

Young woman hands taking picture of healthy smoothies on rustic wooden table

Mask vs Face ID
The Apple Watch unlock feature wasn't working for some iPhone 13 owners, displaying an error
message when trying to enable it. The feature was introduced back in April, along with iOS 14.5, as a
convenient way to unlock iPhones with a face mask. On 1 October 2021, with the iOS 15.0.1 update,
Apple restored the feature to working order.

Almost as good as new
Some owners of Apple's brand new smartphones said they found dust under the camera protection
glass, while others noted that they encountered scratches on the newly opened smartphones. In the
iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, the side bezel is made of glossy stainless steel, which can easily get
scratched even during assembly at the factory. There are also reports on the Internet that the frame
may have glue stains, which can be easily removed by wiping them with a soft, damp cloth, but this is
hardly appropriate in smartphones, the price of which starts from 100 thousand rubles.

In addition, in some instances of smartphones iPhone 13 line were noticed problems with the
assembly of the case – between the screen and the frame there were gaps, which easily fit a piece of

Face ID
It was recently revealed that the iPhone 13 disables the Face ID system if it detects a non-original
display in the smartphone, with the iPhone issuing a warning "Cannot authenticate the Apple display
in this iPhone". According to Apple, this is to ensure that their devices are only repaired by certified
technicians, because third-party services may use low quality parts. At the same time, it was
previously revealed that Apple is teaching its repair technicians to impose more expensive services
on customers.

Incompatibility with accessories
Users of the iPhone 13 Pro have encountered incompatibility between the smartphone and the
MagSafe Duo wireless charger – due to the large camera unit, the smartphone is not fully attached to

the charger, but the accessory charges the device. The MagSafe Duo is a station for charging the
Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time. It's unclear how safe this is for the smartphone and the
safety of MagSafe Duo station users.

Apple is known for the fact that many of its devices are often incompatible with past accessories. For
instance, when the company stripped the iPhone 11 of its charging unit, it began bundling
smartphones with a USB-C cable, while all iPhone Xs and past model owners had a unit with a USB-A
input. So, users upgrading to iPhone 11 from Android devices, or owners of older iPhones that didn't
have a Lightning cable, were forced to buy the new UBS-C to Lightning charging unit separately.

Speaking of the iPhone box, it's worth noting that in the iPhone 13, they've lost the film. The iPhone
boxes are now sealed with a sticker seal. Users were confused by Apple's decision, as the average
user would find it difficult to distinguish between the original seal and the fake ones, which are also
sold online. Many felt that the new smartphone they bought could actually be a second-hand device
that had been re-sealed in the box. Some believe that the smartphone may not even be inside at all,
due to the fact that anyone can re-seal such a package.

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