Raise the flagship: what the iPhone 13 Pro test revealed



On September 24, Russia and eight other countries will start selling the iPhone 13. Before the world
premiere, Izvestia took a look at the most advanced Pro version. In general, Apple has kept its
promises – the smartphone does run faster than its predecessors, the picture on the screen looks
more natural and smoothly changing, and without charging new "Apple" phone manages with heavy
use until the end of the day. At the same time, the new smartphone is easier and quicker to set up
when you first boot up. However, Izvestia did not find any radical differences from last year's version
of the device.

Seamless transition
Four new iPhones – the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 (with two cameras) as well as the more
advanced 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max (with three cameras) will go on sale in Russia on September 24.
Prices for the new gadgets in Apple's Russian online shop will range from 69,990 rubles (for iPhone
13 mini with 128 GB of memory) to 159,990 rubles (iPhone 13 Pro Max with the largest screen in the
range of 6.7 inches and 1TB of memory). "Izvestia conducted a test drive of the standard iPhone 13
Pro with a terabyte of memory.

In the box besides the device itself there is only a Lightning cable – Apple now does not enclose
chargers. For those who bought Apple's first device, this isn't very convenient. In size and outline, the
gadget doesn't differ from the iPhone 12 Pro. At the same time, the shorter 'fringes' (the cutout for
the front camera) and the highly protruding main camera unit on the back are immediately apparent
compared to the previous model. This gives the illusion that the 13 Pro is slightly thicker than the 12

Switching on and setting up the iPhone for the first time was much easier and quicker than previous
models – the procedure took about half an hour. There was no need to enter passwords for all the
applications that require them (only the security code from the bank card for Apple Pay needed to be
entered). In the course of the setup, the new iPhone was automatically connected to the Apple
Watch, disconnected from the old one (in the past you had to manually do a number of
manipulations to do this). However, such a quick setup – not only the "merit" of the iPhone, but also
a new version of the operating system iOS 15, with which the devices of the 13th series are

Microscope with a movie camera
The device has become more manageable, for example, in messengers and social networks more
smoothly and comfortably scroll through the feeds, but whether it is worth it to change the iPhone, if
you are not a gamer – the question.

Apple has positioned its ProMotion display technology as energy-saving – the picture on the display
changes its power consumption depending on what the user is doing: watching films, playing games
or simply reading. And this seems to be true. In heavy use (as we know, a mobile phone these days is
a reporter's main tool) the iPhone 12 came home from work with a battery charge "on the bottom"
or connected to the power bank altogether. The iPhone 13 Pro still had 15% of its charge left in the

Bangkok, Thailand – October 22, 2016: close-up woman hand using touch id on iphone 7, touch id is security on ios developed by apple inc,.

Also, the iPhone 12 tends to change the brightness of the display based on some logic of its own,
unavailable to the owner. The iPhone 13 Pro doesn't do that.

A solid part of the presentation of the new iPhones was devoted to a new feature for shooting video,
Cinema Effect. It shapes the depth of the shot, allowing you to focus the camera on a particular
object in the frame. It looks like this: a person is standing in the frame and the background behind
him is blurred. At a presentation Apple demonstrated a video shot with this effect – it looked like a
real movie. "Izvestia tried to use the Cinema Effect, but we did not achieve such impressive results.
Yes, the background was somewhat blurred and the focus was concentrated on the subject, but the
"apple" depth was not achieved. Perhaps in the hands of a professional the new feature will work
better – after all, a good cameraman must be attached to KinoEffect

Mass users are likely to find the other feature, first introduced in the iPhone 13, interesting – macro
photography. Up until now, the Apple smartphone has involved separately purchasing overlapping
lenses on the camera, but now you can do without them. Snapshots of coins, small screws and the
SIM card, which Izvestia did for the sake of the experiment, came out quite decent.

When to buy
Overall, the iPhone 13 Pro is a solid and functional smartphone. But a large number of radical
innovations and technological miracles from it are not worth waiting for. True, the improvements
associated with camera upgrades and new shooting modes are likely to be appreciated by those who
create professional and semi-professional content for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, of which there are
more and more every day.

At the same time, some options are not yet relevant for Russia, such as 5G support.

However, no manufacturer can release a revolutionary smartphone every year. It makes sense to buy
such a device if you want to replace the iPhone XS/XR and older models with something new.
However, owners of the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro versions, who do not need new additional features
(e.g. terabyte memory), should think twice before replacing the device.

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