iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13: What's the Difference?



The new 2021 iPhone is here, but is it worth the upgrade? We are comparing it to the iPhone 11 to
help you decide.

Another Apple event passed, and with it the iPhone 13 appeared. The new model always begs the
question "is it worth updating?" and we're here to answer that question for iPhone 11 owners.

While the iPhone 13 may be a minor update to the iPhone 12, the difference between the two
generations will be larger.

Price and availability
Design and build
Specifications and features
Price and availability
True to Apple tradition, the iPhone 11 is still part of the official smartphone lineup, but now at a
lower price point starting at £ 489 / $ 499. It is now the second cheapest model in the lineup still
available from Apple, with the SE taking the crown of the budget.

The new iPhone 13 retails for £ 779 / $ 799, slightly less than last year's iPhone 12 in the UK but the
same in the US. However, you get more for your money if you double the standard storage.

The models available are listed below, but it's also worth noting that the iPhone lineup doesn't ship
with EarPods or a charging adapter in the box. This is part of Apple's green initiative and means that
if you need something, they are now optional add-ons. You only get the cable.

IPhone 11 pricing

64 GB – $ 499
128GB – $ 549
IPhone 13 pricing

128GB – $ 799
256 GB – $ 899
512 GB – $ 1099
Available models are listed below, but also worth noting
Design and build
The iPhone 13 follows the design of the iPhone 12 in many ways. In fact, it is almost identical, which
means it is more compact and boxy than the flat-sided iPhone 11. The compact size also means it's
lighter – 174g versus 194g, despite the same screen size.

One of the main design differences between the two is that the iPhone 13 supports MagSafe
accessories, from wallets to chargers. They fit securely to the back of your phone for more security
and ease of use with wireless chargers.

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İstanbul, Turkey – January 16, 2016: Hands wearing an Apple Watch and using a MacBook Pro on a wooden desk. iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini on the desk. All products developed by Apple Inc.

Like the iPhone 12, the 13 has a “Ceramic Shield” front panel, which offers four times the drop
protection of the iPhone 11. And while both are IP68 water resistant, the 13 is rated for a depth of 6
m, which is double that of the 11 model.

Since both phones have a Lightning port and screen cutout, the last design element is color. They are
very different from the iPhone 11, which is available in purple, yellow, green, black and white, and
(commercial) red.

The iPhone 13 comes in the latest version, but then you'll have to choose between Starlight,
Midnight, Blue, and Pink.

Specifications and features
Given the two-year gap, it should come as no surprise that there are quite large differences in specs
between the iPhone 11 and 13. Having doubled storage (plus the 512GB variant) and 5G on the new
model is just the beginning.

You get the latest chip in the iPhone 13, of course, and while the iPhone 11 is still great to use, the
A15 Bionic is significantly more powerful and will also keep up with tomorrow's demands.

Both phones have dual 12MP cameras on the back with much similar specs, but the iPhone 13 has a
few more features if you delve into the details. The main elements are larger 1.7μm pixels, f / 1.8
aperture, more advanced sensor-shift optical image stabilization, cinematic video recording, and
Dolby Vision HDR video recording.

Both phones have dual 12MP cameras

So, the iPhone 13 is a good upgrade if you enjoy shooting a lot of videos. Just for photography, the
performance will be closer.

Finally, it's worth noting that both screen sizes are 6.1 inches, but the iPhone 11 is limited to a fairly
simple IPS LCD. The iPhone 13 comes with the superb Super Retina XDR with OLED panel and HDR
support. It has a much better contrast ratio and higher brightness.

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