Comparing the Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Pro: what are the differences?



In September 2021, Apple unveiled the updated iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro lines. Today, the price
difference for the base models with 128GB capacity is 20 thousand rubles. Let's compare all the
specifications of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro and see what makes up such a price difference.

Differences in design and body colour
Both gadgets are representatives of the same lineup, but the difference between them is visually
noticeable. First of all, we can see the differences in the cameras, as the iPhone 13 Pro has three
cameras, while the regular version has two. The new iPhone 13 is visually different from the previous
lineup by the diagonal positioning of the cameras, so everyone will notice that you have purchased a
new smartphone and not the previous year's model. The body of the Pro version of the phone is
made of surgical steel, and it's stronger than the aluminium that the iPhone 13 is made of. The rear
surface of the Pro version is still matte glass, while the iPhone 13 is glossy. The front panel of the
smartphones is visually similar. The body dimensions of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are the same, with
a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches.

Differences are seen in the case colours as well. The new iPhone 13 is available in five colours: red,
dark night, shining star, blue and pink. And the iPhone 13 Pro comes in four colours: silver, graphite,
sky blue and gold. The Pro model is also 30 grams heavier than the iPhone 13, but that difference will
not be felt.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro screen
One of the main differences between the devices is the screen. Apple has finally released a 120Hz
refresh rate display. Both devices feature a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR screen, but the Pro version
supports ProMotion technology. The frequency changes automatically depending on what content
you're watching and even how you're flipping through the information. It's a cool trick, and one that
many people have been waiting for. Picture smoothness will be much cooler and this difference will
be really noticeable. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, remains with the same 60Hz screen. The
display has become a big selling point for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Apart from the technology we see in the Pro version, there are differences in the standard
brightness. Both new products have it higher, but it differs between them. The standard brightness
of the iPhone 13 is 800 cd/m², while the iPhone 13 Pro is 1000 cd/m². Brightness when viewing HDR
content remains the same at 1200 cd/m² on both gadgets. This is due to the limitation of this type of

Difference in specifications
Both flagships run on the Apple A15 Bionic chipset. This is the latest and most powerful processor of
the apple corporation. It ensures maximum power and high speed of the devices. The processor also

optimises all processes and improves the quality of the pictures taken on the devices. It is worth
paying attention to the RAM of the devices. In the Pro model it is 6GB and in the iPhone 13 it is 4GB.

Comparing the cameras in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro
The professional version has one more camera, that's why it's a Pro. The third camera is represented
by a telephoto lens, which got the ability to take macro photos and videos at a distance of 2 cm. Also,
don't forget the LiDAR scanner found in the iPhone 13 Pro, which makes portrait and night mode
shots better.

Riga, Latvia – October 28, 2019: Apple iPhone 11 Pro smartphone in hand of a person against blue sky.

Overall camera specs:

iPhone 13:

Main camera: 12 MP, aperture ƒ / 1.6.
Wide-angle module: 12 MP, aperture ƒ / 2.4.

iPhone 13 Pro:

Telephoto: 12 MP, aperture ƒ / 2.8.
Main lens: 12 MP, aperture ƒ / 1.5.
Wide-angle: 12 MP, aperture ƒ / 1.8.
Both flagships get a 'cinematic effect' mode where the focus in the video automatically moves and
the background is blurred. Depth can also be adjusted after the video has been shot. This mode is
supported by the main and front cameras. Photo styles are also available on smartphones. They will
help you customize each shot separately. This feature will apply your or ready-made settings to
different photos. Unlike conventional effects, photographic styles do not adjust the entire photo, but
different areas of the photo. This allows you to highlight details you want, such as the natural tone of
your skin. The optical zoom on the devices differs, with the iPhone 13 Pro bringing the subject 6x
closer, while on the iPhone 13 it's 2x closer.

Image stabilisation with sensor shift also appeared in the iPhone 13, so in this respect the differences
between the flagships have disappeared. The premium newcomer also gets the features: Apple's
ProRAW shooting, digital zoom up to 15x, night mode portrait shooting, and support for the new
ProRes format. The LiDAR sensor remains a feature of the Pro-version. The front model differs only
by the presence of ProRes.

The storage capacities of both models
The minimum storage capacity of the 13th model has been increased to 128GB. The device is now
available with storage: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Previously, there was no 512GB version at all.
Storage changes have also appeared in the iPhone 13 Pro, with a 1TB version added to the flagship
variation. Those planning to shoot ProRes videos won't need that much space. That's why there are
four storage options available for purchase for the Pros: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Battery life
Battery life has been boosted across the entire iPhone 13 range. The Pro version will last 3 hours
longer than the plain 13 model. Bottom line:

The iPhone 13 Pro will last up to 22 hours in video playback mode and up to 20 hours in streaming
The iPhone 13 Pro will last up to 19 hours in video playback mode and up to 15 hours in video
streaming mode.

Price comparison of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro
Of course, the prices of the devices are also different, which is noticeable:

The price of the iPhone 13 starts at 79,990 roubles,
The price of the iPhone 13 Pro starts at 99,990 roubles.
Read more about the official iPhone prices in Russia at the blog link. There are many things to
overpay for, such as the camera, screen, battery life, camera chips, and new formats.

To summarise: what's the difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
Let's recap the comparison of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro:

In materials. Version 13 has an aluminum body, while Pro's is made of surgical steel.
In colours. The iPhone 13 is available to order with a red, blue, pink body, as well as in "shining star"
and "dark night" colours. The Pro version comes in four colours: silver, graphite, sky blue and gold.
In weight of the device. The iPhone 13 is 30 grams lighter.
In screens. The iPhone 13 Pro has a 25% increase in matrix brightness, with support for 120 Hz
refresh rate. The frequency changes dynamically depending on the content.
Storage capacity. The iPhone 13 has a maximum capacity of 512GB and the 13 Pro has a maximum
capacity of 1TB.

In cameras. The Pro version has brighter optics and has a telephoto lens. With it, you'll be able to
take portraits in night mode and quality macro shots at a distance of 2cm, even in slo-mo format. In
the future, the iPhone 13 Pro will support the ProRes codec, currently supporting Apple's ProRAW
In RAM. 6GB in the Pro versus 4GB in the regular version.
In pricing. The iPhone 13 today costs 20k less than the iPhone 13 Pro (for the base 128GB version).

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