Comparing iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11: which one to choose?



This year, Cupertino did not exclude last year's flagship iPhone 12 from the current range. Which is
very strange, because often the novelty replaces the old device. Only the iPhone 11, which has
performed well in sales remains relevant for a third year, will displace the equally stalwart flagship
iPhone XR this time around.

Interestingly, if you compare the three models – they turn out to be very similar in terms of features.
So what is the best user to choose this year?

Comparison of iPhone 11 / 12 / 13 specifications


The iPhone 11 is the only device in the comparison that has retained its old-school design with
rounded edges. The other two models are Apple's new vision with sharp edges.

And here it's all about taste and colour: after all, the iPhone 11 is clearly better in the hand. And the
twelve wins due to its compactness and lightness (in fact, even a few grams are felt perfectly).

The thirteenth will be similar to the previous model, but will include diagonal cameras. Again, taste
and colour, but the iPhone 11 looks nicer to me. And the 2019-2020 flagships are richer with colours:
instead they rolled out some faded blue, faded pink and you have to choose from them.


Regarding the display – the iPhone 12 / 13 models will be the best choice. The LCD is noticeably
inferior to the OLED in terms of colour reproduction and brightness, you know what I mean.

In fact, it's partly because of the display that the iPhone 12's price tag is $200 higher for the 2019
flagship. If we compare the 12 and the 13, the difference is not particularly noticeable, because it is
essentially the same display, just 175 nits brighter and with slightly cut fringes.


Having used the iPhone 11, and after it the iPhone 12, I was a little disappointed with the latter's
battery life. Whereas my unibody lived comfortably through the evening with a 40% charge, the
twelve stayed at around 15% with the same usage. If you shoot 4K video you have to charge it almost
three times a day. Yes, you can hook up some cool MagSafe battery (as long as it's not Apple's), but
it's still sad when some Xiaomi lives for two days without a problem.

Don't expect much progress with the trinashy, they've put two hours on, but that's two hours in
testing conditions. The way I see it, the battery life will be about the same as the eleventh model.

Comparison of cameras

This is where I have a serious conversation with Apple in general. After all, for the past year they
have basically been selling us the same camera, with the same 12MP, doping out one or two cool

The iPhone 11 introduced night mode and super wide view – cool, sold. In iPhone 12 they improved a
little the aperture of the main camera, doped up the shooting in Dolby Vision – how did we ever live
without it?

In the thirteenth model, they're like: "We get what you're missing!" Shift Sensor Stabilisation, well
that's a good one for everyone in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, isn't it? And for full beauty let's also have a
portrait mode for video, which they nicely called "Cinematography", well, and styles for processing,
you're not using the built-in filters anyway.

No one is arguing, the camera in the iPhone 11 / 12 / 13 is good. But the difference in it is one or two
chips that only a few will use.

Young sporty woman listening to music on smartphone after training outside on the seashore. Break after hard workout.

And it's the same story with the front-facing camera. The only thing worth taking the twelve is the
night mode for selfies. Because when you and your friends go into a bar and want to take a photo
this thing comes in handy. But that's not something everyone needs either.


It's hard, of course, to compare without holding the iPhone 13 in your hands. But if you evaluate the
performance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 – progress has been noticeable. With the A13 Bionic there
were bugs, freezes, crashes. On the iPhone 12 with A14 there are noticeably less of them, but
sometimes there is trouble with it too.

If Apple is to be believed, the A15 will be even better and more productive. Until we see the test
results, we won't believe it.

iPhone 11 starts at $499
iPhone 12 starts at $699
iPhone 13 will be available from $799
Let's not exclude the second-hand market, because there you can always find a good device at a
reduced price.

What to get in the end?
iPhone 11 is worth to buy if you are looking for a budget model. And also if you do not care about the
new screen. It is a good device that will last in the current well for another year or two, and it will be
updated for at least another five years.

The iPhone 12 is a mid-range model from the current range. It is a good choice and you can get it at a
discounted price because there are many who want to "sell" theirs in order to buy the new one. This
model has everything you need, believe me, the difference in camera or battery life you won't see
much of a difference with the latest version.

The iPhone 13 is good if you're upgrading from the same, keeping up with new stuff and all that. But
there's no obvious apparent reason to buy this particular model just yet.


I'm a former iPhone 11 user, now actively using iPhone 12 and am eyeing an upgrade to iPhone 13.
But the new features Apple has introduced in the updated device seem a bit minor to change such a
good device as iPhone 12.

Perhaps it was the pandemic that affected the company, forcing it to "tighten its tails" in terms of
innovation. But everyone, including Xiaomi, Samsung and other big name manufacturers are now
struggling with the pandemic. Is Apple really losing ground? Or is it just us expecting too much from
the company already?

Either way, I hope that Apple will show us something interesting in October, when the 14-inch
MacBook Pro is due to debut.

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