Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Unmatched power


The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped with the most powerful mobile chip on the market today:
the A15 Bionic chip. Developed by Apple, this processor sets the bar high. With ultra-fast 5G
connectivity, it takes your communications to a new level. It's also faster and more secure with
Secure Enclave to keep your personal data safe.

Innovative Super Retina XDR display
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max features a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR touchscreen. It's a large, innovative
display with ProMotion technology that intelligently adjusts the refresh rate to suit your needs. The
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max's screen is able to adapt to the speed at which your fingers move across the
screen. A feature that also boosts its energy performance.

The ally for your gaming sessions
Faster and more powerful, with a large screen, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is the ally of video game
enthusiasts. The A15 Bionic chip is assisted by a 5-core graphics chip, 50% faster than its competitors.
Ideal for getting through all the levels of your favourite game in record time.

Long battery life
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has a number of innovations that make it a great energy performer.
The adaptive display is energy efficient, as is the A15 Bionic processor. Smart Data mode adapts the
device's power consumption to your activities. This is an effective way to extend the phone's life and
preserve its battery life.

Ultra-creative photos
It's a constant at Apple: the camera is your creative ally. On the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, Deep
Fusion technology is able to analyse the image pixel by pixel to better manage the light in the image.
Smart HDR 4 takes care of all the details in your photos to optimise contrast, especially for your
portraits. An innovative new feature on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is Photo Styles. These styles
allow you to adjust the colour and temperature of your photos in a targeted way. A smart tool to
enhance all your photos. The front camera also benefits from all the modes for arty selfies.

Cinematic mode
This is an innovative and exclusive feature that appeared with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini and
iPhone Pro series. Cinematic Mode puts the tools of the cinema at your fingertips on the Apple photo
interface. With the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, your shot changes and transitions are worthy of the
greatest filmmakers. This mode also gives you the ability to tweak focus or adjust bokeh after
shooting. It is available on the rear camera and the selfie camera.

Young woman hands taking picture of healthy smoothies on rustic wooden table

Softly vintage, extremely durable
Like the iPhone 12 before it, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max follows the design of early iPhones. It
adopts a look that has a vintage feel, yet is decidedly contemporary. The Super Retina XDR display is
highlighted by thin, flat edges, making it easy to grip. Always keen to offer a perfect design, the
Californian brand has equipped the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max with a Ceramic Shield, an innovative
and ultra-resistant coating. Your smartphone is not afraid of everyday shocks. It will accompany you
in all your challenges thanks to the IP68 certification (water and dust resistant). Available in 4
colours: silver or graphite for a classic look, alpine blue for dreaming of the most beautiful summits
or gold for a terribly irresistible glossy effect.

iOS: Apple's mobile navigation
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with iOS, Apple's operating system. Famous for its ease of
navigation, iOS is a proven operating system. It's very intuitive, easy to learn and gives you a fantastic
mobile experience.

Which internal memory to choose?
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in 4 capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The 128GB
or 256GB versions are perfect for users who have a few favourite apps and mainly use their
smartphone to communicate and browse the web. If you're a compulsive photographer or like to
create videos to share, the 512GB or 1TB versions are best. With XXL memory, the Apple iPhone 13
Pro Max will take you on your creative journey without the need to delete files. The same goes for
users who like to have a lot of apps to make their daily life easier. A large internal memory ensures
you can install all the apps you want without difficulty.

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